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ALERT: eDirectDebit Update Schedule & Release Notes

SCHEDULE – eDirectDebit Update – Jan 2016

We’re pleased to announce that the next update of our eDirectDebit service, which brings with it a number of important ENHANCEMENTS and BUG FIXES is scheduled for MONDAY, 11th JANUARY.

The update will commence at approximately 8:30am and is expected to take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

During this time, there will be NO ACCESS to your eDirectDebit sites, for administrators or payers, and all users will be shown the eDirectDebit maintenance page.

RELEASE NOTES – eDirectDebit Update – Jan 2016


  • Security – We’ve implemented a number of small system configuration improvements recommended by eDirectDebit’s third-party penetration testing provider.
  • Maximum Direct Debit amount – You can now set a maximum value limit (per page) that prevents your supporters entering above this amount. This functionality works just as the minimum value setting, and was requested as a means to minimise fraudulent and incorrect online Direct Debit signups.
  • Analytics – We’ve improved your analytics capabilities. Now you can insert your Google Analytics code, scripts, and tags into the main body (as well as the head) of your eDirectDebit page.
  • Chrome browser compatibility for admins – eDirectDebit admin users can now use the Chrome web browser to create and amend pages.


  • Custom Name Titles bug  –  We’ve fixed an issue whereby the system did not properly save your custom titles, and reverted to the default set of system titles.
  • Payment frequency bugs – We’ve corrected two issues relating to Direct Debit payment frequency. One fix ensures that your admins set a “Default Frequency” when configuring an eDirectDebit page as mandatory; the other fix ensures that your payer selects a payment frequency as mandatory.

These notes are also available in our Help Centre.

All of your eDirectDebit administrators have received email notification of the upgrade schedule, and they will receive a second email on the day to confirm that the upgrade has been completed.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to your account manager or our specialist Support team on support@rapidata.co.uk or 01293 601110.

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