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eDirectDebit – New release – Maximise your online Direct Debits

Like many systems, there are some tools and features that are harder to find or not immediately obvious what they should be used for, therefore they’re not used to their full potential.

In eDirectDebit we have offered the ‘Upgrade’ feature for many years but it was utilised by only a small number of our clients. We want to help more to take advantage of this feature’s valuable benefits.  

What is the eDirectDebit Upgrade feature?

The ‘Upgrade’ feature allows all eDirectDebit clients to create a page that enables payers to change their Direct Debit amounts themselves. Initially developed for a charity to email their donors and ask them to increase or  ‘upgrade’ their donation amount, we realised it would be a handy function for donors to use too, so they can choose to increase their gift when they want to rather than waiting to be asked; effectively upgrading themselves.

This feature acts as a separate function away from the online Direct Debit sign-up page that enables payers to setup an online Direct Debit. A feature all our eDirectDebit clients are familiar with.

upgrade form - edd_iphone
Rapidata has started to see an increase in organisations using this feature and as such have made sure that the ‘Upgrade’ function has not been left behind in the core eDirectDebit service. After a review, this was the only area that was not mobile responsive, so we have just released (19th April 2017) a new version that now means it can be easily viewed on all mobile devices.

How can you use it?

Setting up an ‘Upgrade’ page is very easy and our Support Team will be able to get you up and running very quickly. This will be a separate page that you will be able to edit within your eDirectDebit CMS.

If you would like more information on how you can use this feature from passing in data to finding out what URL to use, please visit our Help Centre



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