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Rapidata team help marshal the St Catherine’s Midnight Walk

On Saturday night Emma and Louise from Rapidata’s Data Admin Team forwent sleep and headed over to Horsham, West Sussex to marshal the St Catherine’s Hospice Midnight walk. 1000+ women of all ages walked a half marathon through the night around Horsham to raise money for this wonderful cause. Emma & Louise were 2 of 100 marshals on the night making sure all walkers were safe, having fun and most importantly walking in the right direction!

All the marshals just before our briefing (Emma and Louise are kneeling at the front in the middle)

‘The atmosphere on the night/morning was fantastic, the event was really well organised and everyone was really excited to be there, it was lovely to be a part of it. Even the very last walkers to finish at 5.20am after walking all night were still smiling.” Emma comments

“We arrived at our marshaling point shortly after midnight and set up camp, camp being 2 fold out chairs, a lot of unhealthy treats and lots of (but not enough) extra layers of clothing.  We then had time to get to know some fellow marshals, who were mostly male relatives of ladies taking part, before the 1st walkers to arrive at our point came marching down the hill towards us at 1.50am. We then only had a very short amount of time to kill (curb aerobics anyone?) before the walkers finished the figure of 8 walk and were right back to us and then the short distance over to the finish line. “

Louise adds; “The St Catherine’s Hospice midnight walk was a great experience, and very well organised by the team at St Catherine’s hospice, despite the cold, everyone was in great spirits and it was very uplifting to see the ladies cross our post knowing they had not only achieved something that night but also raised some well needed funds for a fantastic local cause.

I am sure many people often think, I would love to get involved, but I don’t think I could manage that sort of event, be it a sponsored run, walk or even a bungee jump, or assume they don’t know enough people willing to sponsor them. Or in my case, its only been a short time since I last did the rounds of sponsorship with my friends and family.
Marshaling or volunteering to help out at a charity event is a great way to give a really sought after commodity…your time! Without volunteers events couldn’t take place, and a few hours of my time is not much to me but could make a real difference to the charity and the people it supports.”

Ready to go


Our first walkers to the half way point around 1.50am


A very cold and tired Louise at 5.20 am, just waiting on the last of the walkers to finish


The midnight walk for St Catherine’s Hospice has raised £156,179, which is an amazing amount of money!

Congratulations to Emma, Louise, all of the other marshals and walkers on the night that helped make the event a success for St Catherine’s Hospice.

To find out more about the event or St Catherine’s Hospice, you can click on the inks below:



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