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Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Artez began in Canada but it helps charities across the world raise funds online.  In the country of BBQs and sunshine Artez works with Cancer Council to enable online fundraising for ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’. We spoke to Claire Sonnemann, from Cancer Council, to find out how they made this the biggest fundraising event of its kind in Australia.

What is Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea?
Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of Cancer Council’s leading fundraising events and the largest, most successful event of its kind in Australia. People across the country are encouraged to hold a morning tea (or similar get-together) at a location of their choosing during May or June. They invite friends, family, and/or work colleagues to attend with all funds raised sent to Cancer Council.

How many people registered online for the event?
In 2009, approximately 13,000 people registered online for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Online is the preferred sign-up method for our hosts (and for Cancer Council!). Upon implementing Artez in 2008, our number of web registrations has tripled.

How successful has the event been?
Australia’s Biggest Morning Team is Cancer Council’s second biggest fundraiser. Since 1994, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea has attracted over 300,000 host registrations and raised over $70 million (as at of 2009) for cancer research, education and support programmes.

Why did you decide to use Artez?
Artez helps to reduce administration costs for Cancer Council as well as helps our hosts raise more money. Enabling our hosts to create an online fundraising page helps our hosts to promote their morning tea to their family, friends and beyond! Artez also simplifies the fundraising process, with guests able to donate before they attend their morning tea, and hosts able to pay in funds collected on the day using their credit card instead of going to the bank. All of this makes the fundraising process easier for our hosts to fundraise and lets them focus on running a great morning tea.

It’s great to have feedback from our charities, especially from the other side of the world, so thanks for talking to us Claire. I hope other charities are inspired by the success of this event.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you raise more money please call 01293 524 066 or email info@rapidata.co.uk

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