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Donate With Paypal

Donate through PayPal

We’re pleased to announce that PayPal, the most popular online payment service, can now be used to make donations through Artez. There are 20 million users in the UK and over 153 million PayPal accounts worldwide.

By adding PayPal as a payment type your donors can choose between paying by credit card and paying through their PayPal account. By offering more choice to donors you should see an increase in donations.  PayPal.com estimates that by adding PayPal as a payment type to your website vendors can increase sales by 14% on average!

When your donors choose “Pay using PayPal” they are directed to the familiar PayPal login screen where they can securely log into their accounts to make a transaction. When the donation is complete, donors are directed back to our “thank you” page and their gift is recorded in our system.

To enable this feature your organisation must register for a PayPal account.

Registering with PayPal is simple!

Visit PayPal business
Choose ‘Sign-Up’
Select ‘Get a PayPal Business Account’
1.    Select “Business”
2.    Select ‘PayPal as an additional payment option’
3.    Associated costs are listed

When you have registered a PayPal account for your organisation just get in touch and we’ll explain the rest.  For more information on this please contact artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk or visit our blog for more information.

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