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Getting your event participants to raise more: Corporate Sponsors

Involving your corporate donors in your fundraising event can make a huge difference to the success of your event. Not only is it a great stewardship mechanism, but it can also be a huge income generator. Corporate donors can get their entire organisation involved in your event including employee’s families, board members, suppliers and clients. There are lots of great ways to get corporates involved – the biggest opportunity is of course event sponsorship. But with so many sponsorship packages in the marketplace how do you make sure that your offering is unique? How can you make corporate participation and sponsorship in your event exciting, relevant and challenging for your sponsors?

Adding participation options onto a corporate sponsorship package is a great incentive and makes your corporate sponsors feel even more connected to your cause.

1.    Encourage corporate participants to get their friends, families and customers involved in your event
2.    Create a dedicated registration area for corporate participants and their networks that uses their branding and messaging to communicate. The Prostate Cancer Charity has created a ‘registration hub’ for the Tour of Britain that is dedicated to their corporate participants. Participants are given a special code that allows them to register for the event with a discount.
3.    Offer special incentives such as discounted entry fees and additional marketing opportunities
4.    Ask corporate participants to register as a team or teams
5.    Work with corporate teams to set achievable and inspirational fundraising goals
6.    Capitalise on the competitive nature of corporate and create fundraising competitions between corporate teams from the same company or from the same sector
7.    Build customised corporate pages on your website that funnel all of the corporate team fundraising, participant information into one area
8.    Create a corporate hospitality area at your event

Fundraising Success Story:
•   The Helen & Douglas House, Santas on the Run event doubled fundraising from 2008 to 2009
•   Corporate supporters asked to participate and create team fundraising pages – they were the biggest fundraisers!
•   Regular emails and fundraising incentives were used to encourage participants to raise more
•   Prize draw for top fundraisers
•   Average donation amounts rose by £4 and average number of sponsors rose by 1
•   Introduction of a second location broadened registration and fundraising figures

For more inspiration, check out this blog post from HomeMade Digital: http://bit.ly/b4GVPX

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Posted by Scott Gray on 28/04/2010 within Fundraising
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