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Getting your event participants to raise more: Make a BIG deal about your top fundraisers

We know that 20% of your event participants will raise 80% of the money you raise through your event. It’s important to make the most of these fundraisers – they are the major donors of the event fundraising world. It’s easy and inexpensive to lavish attention on these participants and the return on investment is always high.

Here are few cheap and cheerful ideas:
•    Telephone last year’s top fundraisers to make sure they are participating in this year’s event
•    Encourage top fundraisers to beat their ‘personal best’ and break last year’s fundraising success
•    Send handwritten, personal notes to last year’s top 20 fundraisers and fundraising teams
•    Invite Top Fundraisers to visit a project or take them on a site visit
•    Use your celebrity supporters and ask them to film a short thank you video that is sent to top fundraisers
•    Give top fundraisers a free place in this year’s event
•    Invite top fundraising teams to an exclusive event at your organisation (Gala Dinner, celebrity introduction, etc)
•    Interview top fundraisers and share their stories
•    Create thank you videos, webpages or use free social media such as Facebook to spread the word about your    amazing event fundraisers
•    Feature Top Fundraisers in your newsletters or fundraising packs
•    Ask your Executive Director, Director of Fundraising or Board Members to personally call Top Fundraisers and thank them for their efforts

Here are a few great examples from SolarAid and the Canadian Blood Services:

The Canadian Blood Services have setup a thank you website for their donors. A great concept that can be adapted to thank your event fundraisers visit www.thankyourdonor.ca

Tomorrow’s post is the last in the series and looks at how getting charity staff involved can help increase event fundraising. If you’ve enjoyed reading these tips, have stories or examples from your charity to share or questions about event fundraising please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. You can contact me by emailing artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by Scott Gray on 29/04/2010 within Fundraising

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