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Have your say on the future of cheques

A call to all Institute of Fundraising fundraisers

Rapidata is working with the Institute of Fundraising to explore the issues and challenges facing charities in their fundraising and receipt of donations by cheque.

In 2011 the Institute of Fundraising campaigned successfully to stop the abolition of the cheque in 2018. Even so, use of the cheque as a payment mechanism is in natural decline. In the UK, 11 million cheques were used each day in 1990 compared to just 3.5 million a day in 2009; and usage continues to fall, currently by 10% per year. It’s important we acknowledge this natural decline and that consequently cheques are unlikely to remain a viable payment mechanism for ever.

The Institute of Fundraising has today asked for all its members to complete a short survey. Your responses will be kept anonymous.

It is important that fundraisers give an account of their experiences and take a few minutes out to complete this survey. The aim is to report the findings to the Payments Council and relevant Government Departments to ensure that charities and their needs are recognised in the management of the cheque going forward, and in the development of future giving methods.

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