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How can Direct Debit make your lotteries more profitable?

Rapidata was recently invited to speak to the National Lotteries Council about how Direct Debits can increase lottery ticket sales. Our intrepid Business Development Manager, Robin Packman answered the call!

Here are few of Robin’s Top Tips on how using Direct Debits can help you increase lottery tickets sales:

  • Cut your costs: Direct Debit is the most cost effective way to process a regular payment.  By offering this payment option you can start reducing the overhead costs of running your lottery and ease your reconciliation process.
  • Offer an online option: More and more lottery players are purchasing their tickets online. Offering a Paperless Direct Debit option allows your supporters to sign up online immediately and improves the accuracy of your data and increases the reach of your lottery.
  • Convert existing players: By converting your existing players to Direct Debit you can ensure a continuous stream of income. Players need to notify you if they want to cancel, and your Direct Debit bureau will notify you if a player’s payment has failed or been cancelled giving you the opportunity to get in touch with them.
  • Offer a trusted payment method: Direct Debit is an efficient, accurate and trusted payment method which will help you convert tentative players into dedicated, weekly players.
  • Contact lapsed players: Do you have a lot of cancellations and lapsed players? Some of your players may have inadvertently cancelled or maybe just needed to downgrade the number of times they play. By contacting lapsed supporters with more flexible options you can increase your number of players
  • Be flexible: Times are tough right now and your supporters may not be able to afford to play as often. Offering lower cost tickets and flexible subscriptions can help you keep players that may have otherwise cancelled.

If you would like more information about Direct Debits and Lotteries, please contact info@rapidata.co.uk or rpackman@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by Scott Gray on 03/11/2009 within Fundraising
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