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Philip & Adrian’s Top Tips for Making Online Fundraising Work

In my last post, I promised some tips for making online campaigns a succes. Adrian Bradbury, co-founder of Athletes for Africa and Philip King, President & CEO of Artez Interactive shared their top online tips with Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper earlier this week. Click here to read the article in full.

How can your charity raise more money online? Read Adrian and Philip’s tips:

1.    Know your demographic
Who are your top supporters? Past patients? Socially conscious students? University alumni? Build on your success with them by studying what worked, then segment your appeals based on age, gender, income, interests and level of involvement.

2.    Make call to action
Donors need to be asked to give, show up or volunteer, and in a way that makes it easy for them to respond. Put the “Donate Now” button at the top left of the Web or e-mail form, or make it a banner. Philip King of Artez recommends showing your fundraising site to someone new and watching as they try to make a donation. How many steps to complete the transaction?

3.    Keep it simple
Campaigns need a direct message so people get who you are and what you want.

4.    Understand the media
Facebook, Twitter and other social media are tools, but don’t assume that followers will translate into donors and volunteers. “You still need a good story, a good event,” GuluWalk’s Adrian Bradbury says. The fast-paced Twitter may not work for campaigns where you need people to feel engaged with your story.

5.    Don’t look like a spammer
You never know when someone may tag your appeals as junk mail. Send e-mails sparingly and make them interesting. “Fundraising organizations have some of the most inspiring, compelling stories,” Mr. King notes. “Make sure those stories aren’t smothered under a pile of text.”

If you would like more information on how your organisation can use Artez fundraising tools, please drop me an email at artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by Scott Gray on 16/11/2009 within Fundraising

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