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The Need for More Information

So you’ve built your eDirectDebit web page, it’s branded with your logo and artwork, it supports the cause with strong messages for the potential new donor, and it’s approved by all the UK clearing Banks. You’re now ready to receive direct debit payments and log those donors onto your database.

But have you considered what additional information you’d find useful on those new donors for marketing analysis, donor relationship insight and future campaigns?

We know that all our clients have different requirements when it comes to capturing information that is useful beyond the direct debit sign up and we can help you plan your strategic data capture.

Ask for too little information and you’re not maximising the insight you could be generating, ask for too much detail and you could scare off the donor from completing the sign up. Getting the right balance depends so much on the circumstances under which your prospect has reached the payment page – is it through a DRTV ad or DM campaign, or have they researched the website or connected with the cause through a personal experience?

We have a number of extra fields that can be customised to your specific needs and added to your eDD page. They are quick and easy to add and removed just as easily.

  • Date of Birth
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Customisable Gift Aid declaration
  • Two customised drop-down text boxes which allow you to provide pre-determined answers for the donor to choose from, i.e. Where did you hear about us?

  • One free text box – giving the donor the opportunity to provide a written answer to a question such as their reason for giving, or feedback on your website information, etc.
  • Three data protection boxes – for customised options on communications preferences (mail, phone, email, SMS) and permissions for opting in or out of welcome packs or newsletters, etc.
  • Why do this?

    Adding in additional fields can streamline your data capture process, cutting out unnecessary web pages and steps. All of your data will be in one easy to download file that contains all the information you need rather than compiling data from multiple sources.

    But a word of caution, before you start adding fields, please consider if you are asking too much information at this stage? You don’t want to stop someone from signing up to a direct debit because the process is too long winded.

    It’s a fine line and can depend on many factors. What is the specific purpose of the direct debit? For example, do you want to ask the same questions to a loyal supporter signing up to a membership scheme as a new donor at the beginning of your relationship?

    Do you know where your new direct debit donor has come from?

    We often setup a drop down box asking the payer ‘what prompted you to sign-up’, a valuable piece of information for marketing analysis and determining future campaign strategies. But there is another way we can help you to monitor how the donor reached your payment page.

    You can add a code to the querystring after your eDirectDebit page URL, populating the field with the references you want to track. This is particularly useful if you have donation links on multiple websites, such as your website, specific campaign page, a third party website promoting your cause, banner ads, etc.

    If you would like to update the data capture fields on your eDirectDebit page or discuss how to use referrer codes just let us know by calling the team on 01293 524066 or email support@rapidata.co.uk

    Posted by Scott Gray on 30/07/2010 within Fundraising, News
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