Download to help schedule your Direct Debit submissions for 2020

Bacs Processing Calendar 2020

Make sure that you plan in advance, so Direct Debits payments are taken on time, without delays and in keeping with the Instructions you have with your customers or supporters.

Bacs have released the Bacs Processing Calendar 2020, click here to download.

You can easily check the dates when Bacs will process Direct Debit submissions in 2020 – as well as the dates they won’t. Make sure you check specific times such as Christmas and New Year holidays, as there are additional non-processing days that might affect payment collections.

Bacs Processing Calendar 2020 Tips:

  • Make sure you submit your payment files up to 30 calendar days before the processing date.
  • Be aware of ADDACS (Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service)
  • Keep your staff who process Bacs payments aware of the dates and share the Bacs processing calendar with them.
  • Check and review your payment submissions.
How Rapidata Can Help You With Bacs Payments

If you’re running into difficulties or there is too much manual work in processing Direct Debits or Credits yourself, you could use a bureau like Rapidata to carry out this work and save you time.

If you are already a Rapidata Direct Debit client, we take care of the scheduling of submissions, so you can be confident your collections with be submitted without any issues.

Posted by Scott Gray on 26/09/2019 within Bacs, News

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