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New Look, New Service. – What do you think?

Notice anything different about the way we look?

I’m hoping you’ll like our new branding that has been designed to reflect our fresh thinking and expanding business.  We have a new livery to bring us up to date and a redesigned website that we want to enable a greater level of interactivity with you, our client, as part of your team.

I will be including a new Blog-spot on the website to share my thinking around pertinent news and developments directly relevant to the business of direct debits, regular giving and digital fundraising that may affect your  fundraising, as well as influential matters from the wider charity sector that give us pause for thought.  I hope you will drop in from time to time to join me, and your responses will be welcomed.

But that’s not all, with our renewed energy we want to give you more.

Help us get it right, tell us about your needs

In light of our clients’ appreciation and helpful comments around the benchmarking materials and stats we have made available through our unique Charity Direct Debit Tracking Report, we want to take this further and build on the added value we can offer at no extra cost to you using our experience and expertise.

We feel we can help significantly enhance your reporting on statistics and benchmarks against sector trends.  We aim to be the only provider to offer this level of analysis that can help you judge where your organisation’s regular giving programmes stand in comparison to the rest of the sector and current trends, and in such can help you in your planning and development for the future.

We want to develop a highly visual reporting package that will be easy to digest and utilise.

We are at an early stage and would value your feedback in telling us what elements of a new reporting and analysis service would be most useful to your organisation and how best you can translate this into your in-house reporting.

We feel we can build into our reporting on your direct debit activity some useful information like:

• Personalised benchmarking against sector trends
• Total number of DDs in a period
• How many new DDs have been set up
• How many DDs have been unpaid
• And why are they unpaid?

Do you have ideas about any further requirements or options for stats you can tell us?  Email me confidentially at sgray@rapidata.co.uk or feel free to call me for a chat.

Posted by Scott Gray on 13/08/2009 within News

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