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Power Down but Rapidata Up!

We take it for granted that power will always be there when we need it but when it goes down unexpectedly it’s not just your iPhone you won’t be able to charge, what about the rest of your business processes?

A few weeks ago, we had a power cut in Crawley and were alerted that this was a serious outage expected to last hours rather than just minutes. As a company we have always invested in power redundancy, however our servers will only stay up for a short period of time and any long power outage will always need another solution.

This is why we have invested in a robust, proven, contingency plan, which includes contingency cover under our ISO 27001 to ensure that when things do go wrong (as they inevitably sometimes will), business carries on as usual and we continue to process our clients’ Direct Debits.

The professional approach to contingency

This is precisely what happened the other week: the power outage may have occurred on a Saturday but key personnel at Rapidata were immediately advised of the problem. An action plan was swiftly put in place, with our emergency generator brought online, enabling servers and services to be restored within a few hours of the power first going off. All systems were then tested and assured.

This meant that we were able to operate and process Direct Debits on the Monday, with no impact to business during working hours. At 6:10pm that evening, our generator was turned off and reconnected to the mains, with power restored and servers back online at 6:25pm.

It’s not until a real life event occurs to test your contingency that you truly know it will work. Rapidata has invested time and money to ensure that our systems and staff are able to work on behalf of our clients when issues like this one occur. As well as our emergency generator that will keep us powered up when a situation develops, we also have a number of cloud and external hosted services that were unaffected by the power outage in Crawley, ensuring that client data was, and is, always safely backed up and secure, no matter what happens on the ground.

At Rapidata, we invest, test and care about our commitment to service. The above demonstrates just one of the many reasons why organisations trust us with their Direct Debit processing… as well as their Bacs contingency plans.

Have you got a plan in place?

If you would like to explore setting up a contingency plan for your organisation with Rapidata, feel free to chat it through with our Business Development Team on 01293 601111.


Posted by Scott Gray on 12/12/2014 within News
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