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After the recent news that face-to-face fundraising supplier Fundraising Initiatives Limited (FIL) and now payroll giving agency Workplace Giving UK have closed for business, joining a number of other sector suppliers who have struggled to make it through the turbulence of recent months, we understand that you may be wondering about our business at Rapidata.

We know it is essential for charities to have complete faith and confidence in the suppliers they work with and their ability to deliver and meet their needs, now and in the long term. For us here at Rapidata, providing Direct Debit donation processing services, with over £140 million of donations processed annually, that confidence is assured in our continued stability.

You may know that Rapidata has been considered part of the Fundraising Initiatives (Holdings) Group (FIHL) due to its non-majority shareholding. However, Rapidata is a Plc with four independent directors who have formed a majority on the Board since the company was incorporated in 1997, and who have guided it through considered growth year on year to date. Rapidata has remained financially independent with no shared business functions with FIHL and it continues to run a strong and secure business supporting many of the nation’s best loved charities.

While FIL and its sister agencies, that together were reliant on a centralised infrastructure, were placed into administration, this does not apply to the FIHL holding group or to Rapidata. The closures will have no impact on our business. There is no risk that Direct Debits will not be processed for our clients. As a Bacs Approved bureau, sponsored by Barclays Bank, with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 we stand secure as leaders in our field. We continue to operate our full suite of services for donation payment processing and associated regular giving products.

Rapidata is committed to the highest standards of business, supporting and investing back into the sector. With a fully open and transparent approach, I welcome scrutiny and encourage anyone with concerns to take a look at our financial accounts, filed here with Companies House. These demonstrate our strong financial performance, strong balance sheet with substantial cash balances and a more than positive outlook for the future and our continued growth.

Any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any of the Rapidata Team on 01293 601111.


Scott Gray, Managing Director, Rapidata Services PLC

Posted by Scott Gray on 16/12/2015 within News

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