Rapidata celebrates its 20th Birthday!

Rapidata celebrates its 20th Birthday!

There’s so much to celebrate on turning twenty…

Twenty years sounds like such a long time, but looking back to 1997 – Rapidata’s year of formation – it can feel like just yesterday. I’m sure few of us (if you’re old enough of course) will not forget where we were that year when we heard the shocking news of Princess Diana’s death, or maybe learning of New Labour’s landslide victory that dramatically ended 18 years of Tory rule. It was a year of launches too with the creation of Dolly the first cloned sheep, the release of mega-movie Titantic, and the publication of the first Harry Potter book, can you believe it’s 20 years?!


In business, reaching 20 is a true achievement for any organisation, and the past two decades has seen huge change, both for Rapidata and the business environment we work in. Rapidata has grown from a tiny two-man start up into the successful leader of its field today. We are proud to be relied upon by over 500 organisations for who we collect, process and maximise their Direct Debit income.

But now we’re so much more than that with offerings in online and mobile giving, trigger communications, fulfilment, and contingency planning… we’ve had plenty to celebrate along our journey.

Rapidata fast became an authority in regular income; becoming a Bacs affiliated partner, a regular contributor to sector and campaigns like ‘Save Our Cheques’. In 2003 we started monitoring regular giving trends and developed our sought after Charity Direct Debit Tracking Reports.

We’ve also won awards including the coveted ‘Payment Organisation of the Year’ and for our ground-breaking work in Trigger Communications. And we’ve worked hard to achieve British ISO standards certifications in our commitment to security, quality and compliance, so that our clients can rest assured they are partnering with the best.

And while doing all of that we’ve weathered some serious storms; we’ve navigated our way through the 2008 recession and likewise the recent fundraising sector turbulence of 2015/16 that has brought a raft of changes across regulation and best practice.

Through it all we have focused on our central ethos of working in true partnership with our clients to achieve their goals. It is this approach, teamed with healthy investment in innovation and really great people, that has enabled us to consistently grow bigger and stronger as the leading regular giving agency. We don’t often get the chance or the time to celebrate business triumphs, but at times like this we can sit back and take stock.

With these achievements in mind, 2017 is going to be a year of celebration for us at Rapidata. I hope that you’ll join in with us – not only at one of our events across the coming year, but also in reflecting on the successes we achieve together that we can all be proud of.

In our twentieth year we’re looking to the future. The hugely valued teams here at Rapidata are excited about our plans. We will be building on our service delivery, on our core values of partnership, trust, and quality, and importantly on the relationships we have with all our clients, without who we would be nothing.

To all those who have partnered with us and helped us to reach 20, I say a BIG Thank You!


Scott Gray

Managing Director, Rapidata

CEO, VRD Group.

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