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Update on our ‘Turning the tide’ on plastic campaign

Six months ago, we launched our “Turing the tide” campaign, to encourage everyone at Rapidata to think about the impact of single-use plastic on the environment and how we can make changes in our lifestyle to reduce our plastic footprint, no matter how small.

We wanted the team to:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Avoid single-use plastics
  • Pause before you buy – is there a reusable or recyclable alternative?
  • Involve others and spread the word
  • Ditch plastic straws, bags and bottles
  • Act to reduce litter – go on a beach clean-up
  • Take a reusable coffee cup or water bottle with you
  • And enjoy being an #Oceanhero

To find out what progress we’ve made against our campaign aims, we surveyed the team to discover if their attitudes have changed, what changes they’ve made to their lifestyle to reduce their use of plastic, or joined in any activities to support the wider environment.

The results so far have been very positive:

single-use plastic CSR campaign

The team have also come up with some great suggestions on ways to reduce our plastic usage and waste.

“…We could use Eco Cling Film or reusable cling film products made of Bees wax (doubling up on the good for nature as bees are in danger).”

 “We focus on plastic in the sea. Isn’t there are plenty of ways plastic makes its way to the sea from inland? Like in the country fields, streets, blown into rivers and then taken out to sea – maybe we could branch into some littered areas and help in that way?”

We’ll keep you posted on our campaign progress over the next few months and what positive changes the Rapidata team makes.

Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 04/10/2018 within News

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