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We’ve saved 8.4 trees

We’ve saved 8.4 trees!

We all try to do our bit to help the environment, switching off lights, using less washing powder and putting a Hippo in the loo cistern.  All great green ideas but I’m never really sure how it helps.

We recycle our paper here in Rapidata House and the nice people at Shredit come to collect it, shred it in their special machine and then let us know how many trees we’ve managed to save. In less than a year we’ve saved 8.4 trees!  That could be a whole orchard of apples (albeit a small one)!

There are some great charities out there who help advice us and create new ways to make changes in the way we live:

The Carbon Trust are aiming for a low carbon economy and offer advice as well as investing in new technologies.

The Energy Saving Trust offers advice on how to save energy in the home and you can calculate your carbon footprint in a quick questionnaire

Posted by amcgeever on 14/09/2009 within News

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