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Will the final Direct Debit collection date show on the supporter’s bank account?

How do we add/amend/remove a final collection date for a Direct Debit?

Can we accept Direct Debits without a final collection date?

What happens when a Direct Debit reaches its final collection date?

How can we get Direct Debit instructions to you that have been recruited by an agency?

Can we set up more than one Direct Debit for the same donor?

What is a duplicate bank account details warning?

How can we separate our income?

How do we restart a cancelled Direct Debit?

No, this is not something that is set up with the Direct Debit instruction at the bank. The final collection date is set up on our database system to automatically cancel after the final collection date.

Any changes to the final collection date can be sent over in a standard amendment file. For bulk changes the Data Administration Team can run an export of this information for all your active Direct Debit records and send it to you for updating.

Yes. Any Direct Debits received without a final collection date (field is left blank) will be automatically collected each frequency until we are advised to change their Instruction.

When a Direct Debit has reached its final collection date it will be automatically cancelled by our system.

The final collection date it will be reported to you in your cancellation report with a code of ‘C221′

Please fill out a Campaign brief for all new campaigns. The information can be sent to us in a .csv file by yourselves or directly from the Agency.

For a Campaign brief, please request one from your dedicated Account Manager

Yes. We can set up more than one Direct Debit for the same person but the URN (Unique Reference Number) must be unique to each Direct Debit record.

When importing new Direct Debits for set up in our system we automatically run a check to see if there is a Direct Debit already in place under the same bank account details.

As long as the URN is not duplicated (see above) the Direct Debit will be set up on our system. Any of these warnings will be emailed back to you so that you can advise us of any action that may be required.

There are two ways to do this:

1. The simplest way is to use the ‘source code’ to sort the data by campaign. We can also capture additional information that can be reported back to you in your payment reports.

2. Setup a seperate bank account linked to your Direct Debit Service User Number (SUN). Please ask a member of the Data Team for more information.

To restart an existing Direct Debit record, please send over a Reactivation file with the original URN, new amount, frequency, bank account details and start date. The Data team can provide the standard Import formats for you.

“Rapidata have been great. They guided us through the sometimes complicated process of setting up Direct Debit, quickly and efficiently dealing with any issues that cropped up. We’ve been very happy with the service they’ve provided…”

Tom Barrett, Lottery Administration Manager, Hospice Lottery