Outsourcing your Direct Debit management and processing services will help you streamline processes, reduce costs, maximise income and engage with your customers

Financial Services

Rapidata provides secure outsourced direct debit management and processing services for the financial services industry, helping you streamline processes, reduce costs, maximise income and engage with your customers.

For financial services companies Rapidata’s paper based and online direct debit solutions provide an easy, safe and reliable way for your customers to set up one-off, intermittent or regular payments. Comprehensive reporting and custom formatted data feeds provide complete status information on all direct debits claimed or cancelled within each collection period. Acknowledgements, documents, reminders, gifts, news or information can all be triggered according to pre-set criteria.

For IFAs Rapidata’s direct debit solutions provide you an easy way to invoice your clients. Whether your fees are incurred as regular or one-off payments, direct debit provides a convenient, secure way for your clients to pay. It’s easy for you too as you’ll receive payment quicker and won’t have to chase late payments or make trips to the bank to deposit cheques. Rapidata’s trigger communication service will ensure renewal notices, reminders, and regulatory documents are sent at the optimum time. You can also use the service to build customer loyalty and encourage referrals or repeat business by sending news, special offers, or discounts or gifts when specific criteria are met.

To ensure you get the very best from our services, all Rapidata clients have a dedicated Account Manager. Your account manager works with you to understand your needs, present ideas, and oversee the setup and ongoing management of all services. We take a flexible approach and tailor our solutions to suit you, so you can outsource as much or as little as you need. For example, you can opt for transaction processing with or without full database management, use our fulfilment services with data provided by you or by us, or simply take a data feed from us and fulfil using your own in-house facilities.

Rapidata services for the financial services industry:

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Direct Debit Managed Service

We’ll take care of all the administrative work involved in Direct Debit processing, including database management, sending payment instructions and collecting the Direct Debits on your behalf.

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Rapidata’s online Direct Debit service, eDirectDebit enables you to offer Paperless Direct Debit via your website. Cost effective, fully branded and with all the features and benefits you expect from a leading online Direct Debit service.

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Mobile Fundraising

The Mobile Fundraising App is an easy way for charities to break into the mobile channel with a fully customisable app for event-based fundraising campaigns.

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Online Fundraising

Rapidata’s Online Fundraising service makes it easy to engage in active relationships with your supporters, and turn them into your greatest advocates.

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Postal Fulfilment Services

Rapidata provides an outsourced Fulfilment Service enabling you to communicate effectively with your payers without having the necessary skills, resources or equipment in-house.

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BACS Contingency Support

You can’t predict when disaster may strike or what form it will take, but by planning ahead you can ensure your business income is secured by organising an effective back-up for your in-house payment processing.

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Trigger Communication Service

A simple Thank you, at the right time, goes a long way. We understand the positive impact of engaging with your supporters at important points along their journey with you.

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