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Local Government Payment Services

We help facilitate Local Government payment services & solutions to improve the ability to collect, connect & communicate

Local Gvt Payment Solutions

Rapidata’s services for local government provide a secure, efficient and cost-effective outsourced solution for the collection of regular or one-off payments, such as housing payments, Council Tax, Business Rates, waste management and leisure payments, via Direct Debit.

Encouraging your residents to pay by Direct Debit means you’ll spend less time reconciling and banking cheques, or chasing late payments. Comprehensive reports show the status of all payments, including cancelled or declined payments, and appropriate follow-up communications can be automatically triggered as required. Using Rapidata’s outsourced services provides you with a fully resourced team and continuity of service even at peak times, and protecting you from processing hold-ups due to staff illness, holidays or resignations.

Regular weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments can be set up for either fixed or variable amounts, helping residents spread their costs over a manageable period of time. They’ll benefit from peace of mind knowing that their bills are being paid automatically via a secure system, and their budgeting is made easier as they’ll know exactly how much is being taken and when.

To ensure you get the very best from our services, all Rapidata clients have a dedicated Account Manager. Your account manager works with you to understand your needs, present ideas, and oversee the setup and ongoing management of all services. We take a flexible approach and tailor our solutions to suit you, so you can outsource as much or as little as you need. For example, you can opt for transaction processing with or without full database management, use our fulfilment services with data provided by you or by us, or simply take a data feed from us and fulfil using your own in-house facilities.

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Our government payment services

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“We at United Savings and Loans were sceptical about switching to a Direct Debit collection service as we were unsure about costs and how much work was needed to set the service up. Once we signed up with Rapidata we found it an easy transition with minimal man hours required, at a very reasonable cost.”

Sam Wilkes-Holmes, operations manager, United Savings & Loans