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Bacs Contingency Service:
protecting your Direct Debit income

Our Bacs Contingency Service is quick and simple to set up and ensures your income is safe and secure

Secure your Direct Debit income with our Bacs Contingency service

You can’t predict disaster, but you can plan ahead to ensure your business income is secured by organising an effective back-up for your in-house processing with out Bacs Contingency.

Ensure Bacs compliance

Under Bacs rules, all organisations must have adequate contingency in case they suffer a hardware, software or communications failure.

Protect your income

A Direct Debit Contingency Service designed to form a core part of your disaster recovery, removing the risk of delays or lost income.

Peace of mind

Our secure systems means that we can step in to process your payments for as long as you need, until your systems are back to normal.

“As ever, I’ve found the support excellent and my previous experience of this was a significant factor in choosing to work with Rapidata on the new project.”


Quick and easy to set up

Once we’re linked to your Service User Number, we’ll send through a test to make sure everything is working and then we’re good to go if you need us.

Confidence in your security

As a Bacs approved bureau, we have ISO accreditation 22301 in Business Continuity and 27001 in Information Security, so you can be confident that your payments and data are always safe and secure.

Cost effective

Protect your Direct Debit income in the long-term and ensure you’re compliant with Bacs at a low annual cost.

Part of your business continuity plans

Ensuring you’re one step ahead, our Direct Debit Contingency Services allows our clients to upload Direct Debit or AUDDIS files and process the same day, removing the risk of delayed payments.

“Rapidata made the process of moving Direct Debit bureau very easy for us and offer a much better, transparent and cost-effective service than our previous supplier”.

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