“Trust, but verify”

Ronald Reagan

Why choose us?


Experience and expertise

With over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations with the collection and processing of Direct Debits means we can help maximise your regular income.

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Bacs Bureau

A Bacs Approved Bureau with the highest possible inspection rating, giving you peace of mind that your payments are handled with the greatest level of integrity.


Industry and sector insight

We produce unique research, insights and benchmarking. Our Charity Direct Debit Tracking Report provides rich data to the not for profit sector to improve regular giving programs. We are an Associate Member of Rogare, the Fundraising think tank at Plymouth University.


Customer service

Based in Sussex, we have a dedicated and passionate team working in partnership with our clients. Our proven track record in consistently providing outstanding customer support means we deliver the highest service levels.


Commissioners Office

Registered with the Information Commissioners’ Office to ensure we comply with all data and privacy regulations.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

This year we launched our new CSR ‘Turning the Tide’ campaign, to raise awareness of the need to minimise plastic waste, and to inspire and support our staff in making changes to reduce their plastic footprint.

"Rapidata has been very helpful to use in the transition from in house Direct Debit processing. The process is very easy to follow and has made a difference to work load internally."

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland

We have always been committed to providing the highest level of service. Our quality management system provides an environment to constantly monitor and improve, which is demonstrated through our frequent positive feedback.


As one of the few businesses to have achieved this ISO, we know that any organisation which outsource their payments must have peace of mind that service delivery, regardless of events, is backed by robust planning to mitigate risk.


Our ISO 27001 gives our clients reassurance that information is held securely and that we are always evaluating and improving our Information Security across all areas.


An active member of the Bacs community (now under the NPSO), we gain insight and are able to feed into the changing payment landscape.


Sponsored by Barclays Bank, we have the highest rating in its last Bacs Approved Inspection.