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Flexible Direct Debit Collection Service

Quick to set up and start processing your donations, membership and lottery payments for as long as you need

Flexible Direct Debit collection service: for as long as you need

Due to the far reaching impact of Covid-19 on the not-for-profit sector, we are offering a new, flexible Direct Debit processing service to manage and collect your Direct Debits for as long as you need.

This flexible service will ensure your Direct Debit payments will continue to be processed, for however long you need, giving you peace of mind that your income will continue as normal, while you and your staff manage other priorities.

As long as you need us

Even if it’s just a temporary solution for a few months, we can step in to take care of all your Direct Debit processing when you need, and hand it back over when you’re ready to take it back on board.

Protecting your Direct Debits

This service will help you to safeguard your income, ensuring no interruption to your Direct Debit processing and giving you peace of mind that your payments will continue as normal, while you and your staff manage other priorities.

Quick and easy to set up

Set up is fast and simple, and can be flexible to meet your needs – we will ensure your Direct Debits will be collected safely and securely, on time and without disruption to your income or supporters.

“We are a new start-up charity in the first year of operations so there was a need to set up the Direct Debit process. Rapidata held our hands all the way through. We would probably have been floundering without their help”

Head of Fundraising, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

A Direct Debit collection service flexible to your needs

As an organisation committed to the not for profit sector, and we want you to know we are here if you need help.

Our Direct Debit collection service will remove the pressure of processing Direct Debits remotely, whilst giving you the flexibility to take it back when you’re ready.

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