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Customer Satisfaction

We are always looking to improve our service to our clients and by introducing our online ticket system, this has enabled us to easily track responses and ask for feedback. It is vital to us that we get our client feedback, so we continue to drive the quality of service we are renowned for.

Also, Stats wise:


Last month
Client Satisfaction (Oct'17)


Last month
Proportion of solved tickets that were solved in a single touch (Oct'17)

“Wonderful support, I am very happy with the assistance I received…”

Luke (Nov'17)

“Very responsive, very helpful, very patient!  Many thanks”

Conor (Nov'17)

“Always good service”

David (October'17)

“I got a response straight away.”

Linda (October'17)

“Yet again, brilliant service from Rapidata”

Mandie (October'17)