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You Have Coupon/Promo Codes!

We know that many of our clients will be thrilled that the Artez system now offers you the ability to add Coupon or Promotional Codes into your event home pages.  It means you can get creative with your promotions… reward returning fundraisers, offer group discounts, set corporate registration or even offer free places if you wish.

This is a major amendment to the event/campaign template within the Artez system, but setting up coupon/promo codes is a very simple process. It’s really easy to create, manage and associate codes to different registration types.

The choice is yours, there are so many ways for these codes to enhance your events; for example you could offer your large corporate customer a reduced entry fee via a dedicated promo code that can only be seen and used by their registrants. Brilliant!

Of course, you remain in full control with the ability to manage codes and their use, by registrant type or by a specific quantity perhaps.

The Rapidata team will be on hand to answer any questions you have in relation to the new Coupon/Promo Code function, feel free to contact us on email: support@rapidata.co.uk  or phone 01293 601110.

Posted by Scott Gray on 07/11/2013 within Direct Credit, Fundraising, Online Fundraising

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