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Greater Insight from your NEW Artez Snapshot Report

The Artez Snapshot Report is one of the most useful of all reports in the Artez system and in response to user feedback Artez has created additional functionality that enables reporting of far more key data.

Several new columns have been added to the Snapshot Report to give your organisation more information and insight into monthly donations, permission questions, personal page messages, mobile application status and more.

The changes will enable you to report on and filter many more aspects of your event; giving you robust statistics and valuable insight to work with in your reporting, planning and future fundraising strategies.


Please Note: If you are using the Snapshot report you will need to be aware of these changes.


The new and improved Snapshot Report includes the following new areas of reporting:

  • Monthly Plan Start Date
  • Number of Instalments
  • Monthly Plan Processing Day
  • Search Permission Individual /Team
  • Scoreboard Permission Individual/Team
  • Donor Name Scroll Permission
  • Donor Donation Scroll Permission
  • Solicited D
  • Team – direct team donation; Personal Page Message
  • Team Page Message 
  • Donation Time 
  • Batch ID
  • Mobile App
  • Event Name  
  • Location Name
  • Registration ID


The Rapidata team will be on hand to answer any questions you have in relation to the new Artez Snapshot Report, feel free to contact us on email: support@rapidata.co.uk Tel: 01293 601110

Posted by Scott Gray on 06/11/2013 within Direct Credit, Fundraising, Online Fundraising

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