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NEW automated trigger & custom segmentation for Artez emails!

Personalised and well-targeted emails at the right time can motivate your supporters to take action.  For this reason we’re excited to announce that email functionality across the Artez system has been upgraded to give you greater control over how (and when!) you speak to your donors and event participants.

Motivate your event fundraisers

We’ve added new emails to your Artez system that are designed to be intelligently triggered by registrant actions or inactions.  It’s now really easy to automatically prompt supporters to:

  • post on Facebook
  • recruit team members
  • solicit donations
  • engage with their personal fundraising page.

Plus, there are 3 new ‘goal reached’ email notifications allowing you to set your goal amounts to match incentive levels and encourage your fundraisers to reach their targeted goal.

Filter, target and communicate

One of the most exciting updates is the addition of new intelligent filters for all custom emails; which means for the first time you can segment your contacts by custom field (UDF) response and/or postal code.

And, now you can enter new keywords into the email editor, simplifying the process and making sure that the right keywords are inserted and displayed correctly.

Just think of the possibilities…

  • Notify fundraisers they have reached a milestone in their goal total
  • Send ‘success’ emails to reward those fundraisers who have reached/beaten their targets
  • Create unique ‘thank you’ emails to send automatically to everyone who has raised a certain amount from your event.
  • Provide hints and tips about fundraising with social networking.
  • Scheduled information for event details, required equipment, next steps, etc
  • Remind supporters in a specific location about upcoming dates or changes to an event in their area.

How will YOU use your new Artez email tools?

The Rapidata team is on hand to answer any questions you have in relation to the new Artez email functionality, feel free to contact us on support@rapidata.co.uk  or phone 01293 601110.

Posted by Scott Gray on 08/11/2013 within Direct Credit, Fundraising, Online Fundraising
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