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Online Fundraising Enhancements – January 2015 Release

Our friends in Toronto have been busy over the Christmas period enhancing and updating the Artez online fundraising platform. We have summarised the key January 2015 release features below and all our clients will be receiving the full release notes shortly.

Suggested Donation Amounts

You now have the ability to enable and display suggested donation amounts on all the donation pages for all event types. This was a much asked for feature and is common place with our eDirectDebit service, so we are very happy it has made it into the first 2015 release.

Suggested Donation Amounts in Artez

Minimum Donation Amount

All Administrators of the Artez service now have the ability to set a minimum donation amount. If a donor enters a value that is below the minimum donation amount they will receive an error message. There is a standard error message that appears but with all things Artez, this content can be edited by the Administrator.

min amount error message

Corporate Team Enhancement

Last year, a new level of team functionality was added, Corporate Teams. To further enhance this level of team, a number of enhancements have been added after feedback from users that enabled this functionality:

Corporate Team Details Report – A line item report that includes details about each corporate team and all the teams and individuals that are affiliated with a corporate team.

Custom Emails to Corporate Team Captains – Administrators are now able to create and send custom emails to corporate team captains.

Corporate Team Results Page – The ability to for not only corporate team captain but anyone affiliated to the corporate team to view the progress from the fundraising hub.

Corporate Team Donation via Data Entry – Ability to enter offline donations directly to the corporate team.

Email Corporate Team – Team captain can now email all those who are affiliate with a corporate team.


If you have any queries regarding the Artez platform or would like to discuss applying these new features, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01293 601110 Рwe would love to hear from you.




Posted by Scott Gray on 27/01/2015 within Online Fundraising
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