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What’s new in Artez?

This weekend’s release included some exciting new features that will help you make your event and campaign pages even more interactive.

Enhanced Event User Interface

We’re excited to offer you even more great options to creatively brand your events and donation forms. With the updated Event User Interface options from this release, we’ve concentrated on helping you create great-looking campaigns.

Interactive Header & Footers: You now have the ability to add HTML to your headers, and footers. Get creative and add links to your web site, embed flash animation, or an image map! Our header and footer sizes have also changed and our sites are now designed for 1000 pixel wide headers, minimum 850 pixels.

Mobile Header Option: All Artez donation pages are optimised to take secure donations via the mobile web. In our latest release, we’ve given you the option to add headers and footers specifically to be viewed by smartphone devices accessing your donation pages. The width for mobile headers/footers is 450px. The new ‘Preview & Save’ button allows you to test how your headers and footers look before you apply them to your event.

PLEASE NOTE: If you link to images in these content areas, remember to host them on a secure server beginning with https:// (SSL certificate) to avoid browser warning messages.

Background, Layout and Buttons:
You can assign a custom colour (Hex, RBG or colour picker) to content sections and the overall background of your event. The ‘Page layout’ option allows you to centre-align or left-align your event or donation forms. And you can now choose the colour of the buttons for your overall event. You can also change the colour of individual buttons through the editor on the applicable content page.

Colour picker options (as well as Hex, RGB) have been added to the following areas:

  • Tabs: Preview how different colours look on your ‘Fundraising / My Team / My Profile’ tabs.
  • Fonts & Headings: Use the Basic option to assign fonts and colours to your headers and text. The Interactive option allows you to customise the look of the all links in your event.

PayPal Mobile Express Checkout

PayPal Mobile Express Checkout will automatically appear on mobile donation pages if your organisation has PayPal enabled on your Artez account. This option allows donors to give by PayPal through the mobile web. Artez mobile donation pages are compatible with smartphone browsers, including iPhones, iTouch, iPad, BlackBerry & Android OS.

Search For Registrants By Email Address

We’ve added a search by email address option to the Registrant Search on the Relationships tab. This option will allow administrators to accurately differentiate between participants with the same or similar names.

Referrer Tag in Snapshot Report

We have added a new column to the Snapshot report named URL Referrer. This column will add a referring URL to a donor’s record if the donation was made after visiting the event home page in MET/PET or if the donor landed on the first step of a direct donation form. If the donor does not visit one of the above pages before making a donation, the field will appear empty. For instance, donors sent directly to a personal page will not have a URL referrer attached to their donor record. URL referrer does not appear for Tribute Template or Purchase Template donors and purchasers. The value ‘direct/none’ will appear for donors that have clicked to one of the above pages from an email or from another Artez page.

Reminder: If you are using the new enhanced registration process, please log in as soon as possible to review any page changes and user interface changes that may have affected your event.

If you have any questions about the latest Artez release, need help implementing changes or just need some advice, please email support@rapidata.co.uk.

Posted by Scott Gray on 15/11/2010 within News, Online Fundraising

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