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Bank Holiday BACS | Direct Debit

With a number of bank holidays coming up over the next few months its possible that some people will be taking annual leave around those holiday dates.
When planning holiday cover remember it’s not only important to ensure that your Bacs submissions aren’t forgotten but also that your Bacs reports are accessed and actioned too.

As a Bacs Appoved Bureau, Rapidata take care of all your Bacs reports  and processing on your behalf. If you don’t use our Direct Debit Service and you don’t collect and action your Bacs reports, or you don’t do so regularly, then this can cause difficulties. For example, not actioning your ADDACS reports in a timely manner might result in a Direct Debit being incorrectly collected from a customer’s old bank account instead of their new bank account after they have switched their bank.

The Service User’s Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme requires service users to download Bacs reports in a timely manner and to take any required action (for example, ADDACS advices must be actioned within three working days).

So don’t forget make sure both elements of your Bacs processes are covered when people are on leave.

If you require contingency cover over this period or would like to learn more about the benefit of using our Direct Debit Managed Service for the processing and management of all Bacs reports, we would love to hear from you.

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Posted by Scott Gray on 29/03/2012 within Bacs
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