the future of
Direct Debit

Control my Payment is an innovative new service that puts payers in control of their money, offering them more flexibility over their Direct Debits.

It gives organisations a platform to enable their payers to view and manage their regular payments, offering a suite of payment options and additional key messaging and promotions. A platform that can help increase engagement, build loyalty and ultimately reduce cancellations.


Widening your reach by giving your payers choice

Everyone is different. We all want to manage our payments in a way that fits with our lifestyle.

In fact, our research found that 1 in 4 people would prefer to vary the day on which their Direct Debits are paid. And in our recent poll, of those who make regular payments to charities, 43% said they’d like the option to adjust the amount paid each month, according to how much they feel they can afford.

That’s why we’ve developed Control my Payment. To give payers control and flexibility over what and when they give.

Bringing payers closer to your organisation


Helping to reduce attrition

Control my Payment offers a number of easy ‘bolt-ons’, to help increase Direct Debit payments, build engagement and reduce attrition.

Where a payer may ask to cancel their monthly Direct Debit, you can now offer them alternative options, such as skip a payment for a month, arrange a payment holiday or reduce or increase the amount they pay. Options that may enable your payer to reconsider their cancellation.

Flexible Direct Debits, giving payers choice and control.

Direct Debit that works for everyone

Recent research has shown there is a need for greater choice and flexibility over regular payments.

Results show that Direct Debit payers would like more control over their payments, with the majority (74%) saying they feel it important that people should be able to fully control their Direct Debit outgoings each month.1

Also, by enabling supporters to take greater control their Direct Debits, how much they pay and when, gives them a flexible approach that fits in with their lifestyle and financial circumstances.

1. OnePoll Survey 2018 – Rapidata

Designed for your Payers

From a suite of standard bolt-on’s to bespoke bolt-on’s that work for your audience. Control my Payment has been designed to adapt to that changes in your organisation, consumers and the wider payment landscape.



  • Quick payer registration
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Mobile optimised
  • Fully branded to your organisation
  • Saves time and resources


  • Change amount
  • Change collection day
  • Skip a month
  • Take a payment holiday
  • Cancellation alternative
  • Payer notifications


Keeping it simple

Control my Payment can be customised for your organisation, from adding your branding to deciding which payment options you wish to offer your payers. Simply create the Control my Payment bolt-on that meets your organisation’s requirements.