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Bacs Launches a Direct Debit app

Bacs has just launched a new iPhone app called the ‘Direct Debit Control Centre’. The app is designed to help allow users to keep track of their finances. The app allows the user to see the amount of each Direct Debit and the date it’s scheduled to leave their bank account. The automatic reminder feature can be scheduled ahead of a Direct Debit coming out so users can ensure they always have sufficient funds in their bank account.

As the usage of smart phones increases and apps become more and more a part of our daily lives, it will be interesting to see what affect, if any, the Direct Debit Control Centre will have on Direct Debit unpaid items and cancellations. I would welcome your thoughts on this latest app, so please share your comments and feedback below.

The new Direct Debit Control Centre is available to download free from the iTunes store. For more information about the app click here or to watch a video of the app in action, click here.

Image of Direct Debit Control centre app

Video : http://www.thesmartwaytopay.co.uk/DirectDebitHelpCentre/DirectDebitControlCentre/Pages/PromotionalVideo.aspx

App Info: http://www.thesmartwaytopay.co.uk/DirectDebitHelpCentre/DirectDebitControlCentre/Pages/DirectDebitControlCentre.aspx

Posted by Scott Gray on 19/04/2011 within Bacs, Direct Debit
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