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Direct Debit – The Golden Egg of Fundraising

Scott Gray, Managing Director of Rapidata is to present at the Institute of Fundraising ‘Strategies for Supporter Retention’ conference taking place on Friday 25th September.

In the session, Scott will give a full account of the analysis of Rapidata’s six year charity benchmarking exercise into direct debit cancellations, which has shown a steep increase following the onset of the recession. The session will offer delegates an insight into the ‘Direct Debit Cycle’, the annual rise and fall in cancellations and will discuss what is happening in the current climate.

During the afternoon speakers will discuss with the audience how they can strengthen Supporter journeys and Donor Retention through difficult times. Scott’s presentation will be made available at the end of Friday 25th.

Posted by Scott Gray on 24/09/2009 within Direct Debit, Fundraising
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