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eDirectDebit Update: Greater personalisation and control

The latest update to our eDirectDebit service now offers a number of new features and enhancements, giving you greater personalisation and control over your online Direct Debit pages, helping to increase payer engagement.

New features:

1. Customisable amount boxes

We love this new feature! It’s now even easier for your payers to sign up to an online Direct Debit. There is a new option to use amount boxes for Direct Debit payments, rather than the current drop-down menu.

You can customise their look and feel by changing the colour, adding a description or a default amount, all helping to increase the ease for payers signing up to Direct Debit.

online direct debit amount boxes

2. Insert custom data within your payer emails

Increase engagement with your payers by personalising your email communications. We’ve noticed that clients are using more and more customised forms, asking questions outside of the usual Direct Debit sign up process.

With this new release, you can insert the specific custom question and answers from your Direct Debit pages into your confirmation emails, creating a more personalised and payer-friendly email response.

Get in touch today on support@rapidata.co.uk or 01293 601111 for more information or to set up these new features.



1. Option to hide Direct Debit declaration checkbox

We’re always looking for ways to improve the user journey, and having additional steps within a form can affect payer sign up conversion rates.

After reviewing the process and the Paperless Direct Debit rules, we found for a lot of organisations the declaration was not necessary and created a needless step.

There is now an option to switch off the Direct Debit declaration checkbox, removing an extra field within the form. By default this is switched on, but you can choose to have this turned on or off, if you want to test it too.

Direct Debit declaration check box:

eDirectDebit update Direct Debit declaration box - before

Direct Debit declaration check box removed:

eDirectDebit update Direct Debit declaration box - after

2. Better export notification

From feedback from clients, we know that those who have multiple sites would like to see a reminder that custom question data will not be available when data is exported.

This won’t impact on any of your current processes for exporting data, it’s just a quick reminder.

eDirectDebit update - report export notification

3. Live support

Whilst we love to talk to you on the phone, we know that sometimes you just want to fire off a quick question. Simply click on the ‘Support’ button at the bottom of the eDirectDebit platform, and we can help. We’re here 5 days a week, 9am – 5.30pm.

eDIrectDebit update: support button

If you would like to know more about any of these new features and enhancements, please contact us on support@rapidata.co.uk , 01293 601111 or visit our Help Centre.

Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 14/12/2017 within Direct Debit, eDirectDebit
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