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FREE review of your online Direct Debit regular payment pages

We want to make sure our clients are getting the most from their recurring payments.

Quite often, once new Direct Debit regular payment pages are created, the user experience is not reviewed on a regular basis. Over time this can affect sign up rates and could mean an increasing number of form drop-outs.

Direct Debit regular payment pages

So that clients continue to receive the best possible service from us, we’re offering all those using our eDirectDebit service a FREE ‘review and design refresh’ of your online Direct Debit pages.

We’re adding new functionality to our eDirectDebit service too, so we want you to be first to know how you can benefit.

How can I get this offer?

If you’d like to have a free review and design refresh, simply get in touch with your Account Manager,  pop us an email at support@rapidata.co.uk or complete the form below. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t impact on your current website.

Alternatively, if you don’t use our eDirectDebit service but would like to know more, or find out how we compare, please get in touch or fill out the form for a free, no obligations demo.

Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 01/05/2018 within Direct Debit, eDirectDebit

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