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What is a Bacs Service User Number (SUN)?

Bacs SUN number explained

A Service User Number (or SUN) is a unique six-digit number which is given to an organisation or ‘Service User’ to take payments by Direct Debit.

It means you can’t setup Direct Debit payments whether online or via paper, or submit to Bacs, without one.

A SUN enables your payers to send you regular Direct Debit payments via Bacs (Bankers’ Automated Clearing Scheme) – whether that’s monthly, quarterly, annually or any other frequency you prefer.

SUNs are used by Bacs to find organisations collecting payments by Direct Debit and to make sure the correct organisation name is shown on a payer’s bank statement. They’re also used to identify the organisation that is liable for any chargebacks (also known as Indemnity claims) if a payer disputes the payment.

There are two ways of getting a SUN – you can either apply for your own one; or use a third-party’s SUN.


What are the advantages of having your own SUN?

If you can get your own SUN, you will enjoy greater benefits than using a third party provider, such as:


What’s the disadvantages of using a Facilities Management (FM) service through a third-party provider?

Not all organisations can get their own SUN, so in this case you will need to use an FM solution. However, it’s far more beneficial if you can get your own SUN, so make sure you think about the following when considering other options:

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