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eDirectDebit Secure Hosting Infrastructure Upgrade

[20/10/15 Please note: This upgrade is now complete]

This is a notification for our eDirectDebit clients regarding an important upgrade of the eDirectDebit secure hosting infrastructure that will be taking place next month at no cost to you. Upgrade schedule and important details.

As internet traffic increases, we recognise the need to provide a more scalable infrastructure. The advent of cloud computing allows us to do just that, whilst improving reliability. We will be upgrading from the current secure hosting infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, or AWS, the industry leader in cloud computing.

The key benefits of this secure hosting upgrade are as follows:

  • Improved website availability – The risk of your site being down will be reduced, based on the removal of reliance on specific physical hardware
  • Increased flexibility for surges in demand – If your site suddenly receives a lot more traffic, for instance due to an emergency appeal, then we can quickly increase the server capacity during the busier period
  • Improved performance – Your site should run faster, with each page loading more quickly
  • Network monitoring – AWS utilises a wide variety of automated monitoring systems to provide a high level of infrastructure service performance and availability – including an SLA of 99.95% network uptime
  • Fully compliant – AWS has achieved compliance with an extensive list of global security standards, including ISO 27001, SOC, the PCI Data Security Standard.

The migration to the new, secure infrastructure will take place in the next four to five weeks, with an early morning upgrade window to be confirmed. We will be aiming to avoid any downtime of your site, though any downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your account manager or our specialist Support team on support@rapidata.co.uk or 01293 601110.

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