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eDirectDebit – The NEW eDirectDebit is going mobile

On the bus…in the coffee shop…curled up on the sofa…we’ve made it easy for your Payers to set up an online Direct Debit wherever they might be!
In a world that increasingly revolves around smart phones and tablets, the NEW eDirectDebit is designed to work effortlessly on all mobile devices.

Nobody can deny we are a fast paced, online mobile nation these days. Over half (60%) of UK consumers now own a smartphone, whilst around 1 in 5 (21%) have access to a tablet device. And that figure is growing all the time, nearly half (46%) of all UK internet users will be tablet users by 2016*.

With mobile technology all around us, we’re becoming increasingly comfortable in browsing and making online transactions via phones and tablets. And this will increase the more it becomes easy, secure and part of our busy everyday lives. So it’s more important than ever to be able to connect with your Payers in ways that are meaningful to them, via their channel choices and preferences.

The NEW eDirectDebit platform is digitally optimized to ensure your online Direct Debit pages can be viewed on all mobile devices – iPhone or Android, smartphone or tablet.

We’ve given you the option of managing mobile specific content. We’ve made our pages digitally responsive so the look and feel adjusts depending on the viewing device. We’ve made it easy and convenient for your Payers to set up their Direct Debit; whenever, wherever they are. Nice.

For all current eDirectDebit clients, we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss migrating to the new eDirectDebit platform so you can start benefiting from all the great new features. If you are looking to setup a new eDirectDebit service, contact us today.

*source: ETC NewMedia TrendWatch, June 2013.

Posted by Scott Gray on 26/06/2013 within eDirectDebit

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