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Charity Chat with The Prostate Cancer Charity

Last month we talked about the improvements we’ve made to our purchase template to help charities increase their online sales. This month we spoke to Anthony Rumble from The Prostate Cancer Charity, they’re using the purchase template to sell their Christmas cards and gifts this year. This is what he had to say:

You’re using the Artez purchase system to sell your Christmas cards and gifts this year, why did you decide to use Artez?
The Prostate Cancer Charity decided to use Artez for all of its online registration and fundraising needs, we liked the combination of how easy it is to use, how seamlessly it links with our website and that we could process all donations, orders and event registrations in one place.

Is this the first year you’ve sold Christmas cards online?

Yes this is the first year we have used an online shop – in previous years we have used the internet and new media to promote our Christmas activity but Artez has allowed us to sell goods on the internet for the first time. We hope this is more convenient for people to go online to order, and will reach some new audiences.

Christmas decorations aren’t yet in the shops but how are sales going?
Pretty well – We have had over 150 orders both on and offline so far and we are only a few weeks in. I think people typically expect charity Christmas activity to start sooner than high street shops, people like to be prepared and they may be thinking of the dreaded postal strikes.

How many cards do you hope to sell online?
We have a range of 10 new card designs this year we also have a special offer for some of last years stock – 3 packs of 10 for £5 – we hope to sell all of our stock, which is around 6000 units. We expect the majority of this to come through both mail and online orders – as I said this is the first year we are offering online ordering and many people may not pick this up as an option.

What is your most popular Christmas item?

Its not the chubby little robin – Which is a shock, and the design I had my money on. So far our best selling design is called Winter lake.

Thank you for talking to us Anthony, I hope the online shop continues to be successful.

If you would like to find out more about the purchase template then please contact Alex and Molly on artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk

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