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Getting your event participants to raise more: Incentives

Some of the most successful fundraising events use incentives to encourage event participants to raise more. Creating weekly fundraising challenges is a great way to keep your event participants excited in the lead up to the event, but it’s also a great way to encourage them to fundraise more and recruit other participants. Here are a few examples that some of our clients have used:

Week 1: Create a team
Week 2: Recruit 5 friends to the event
Week 3: Set a new fundraising milestones and reward fundraisers who reach these milestones (if you raise £200 before a certain date get a free t-shirt,)
Week 4: Ask participants to get 10 people to sponsor them
Week 5: Make a fundraising video and post on your page

Other incentives can include high value or experience related prizes for your top fundraisers. Don’t forget, fundraising incentives don’t have to cost money. Many of your supporters are fundraising for your organisation because they believe in your cause or are excited about your event. Fundraising challenges and incentives that offer supporters a way to get closer to the work you do or improve their event experience can be even more powerful than a t-shirt or other prize. Have a look at the ideas that GuluWalk and The Prostate Cancer Charity have incorporated into their events by clicking on the images below.

E vent fundraisers should take advantage of the long tail of fundraising and encourage event participants to raise lots of small donations from their networks. Fundraising challenges and incentives are a great way of encouraging this behaviour.

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Posted by Scott Gray on 27/04/2010 within Fundraising
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