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Great Gorillas!

There’s monkey business going on in London this weekend, it’s the annual Great Gorilla Run! There’ll be over 600 Gorillas running through London to raise money for The Gorilla Organization and they aim to raise over £290,000.

The Apes will consume over 1,000 bananas supplied by Fruit for the Office,  lets hope no one slips on a dropped skin and they all make it to the finish line.

The Gorilla Organization helps all species of Gorilla including the Mountain Gorilla. There are only 720 Mountain Gorillas left, that’s the same amount of Gorillas you’ll see running through London on Saturday.
If you want to go ape this weekend you can still register for the run here

We’ll update you on the success of the event in a few weeks.

Posted by amcgeever on 21/09/2009 within Events, Fundraising
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