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Skydiving for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

On Sunday, the 26th of June, Daragh and I threw ourselves out of an aeroplane strapped only to a skydiving instructor to raise money for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. It was an awe inspiring experience. If not eye watering! After a short, but thorough training session at Headcorn Airfield, we adjourned to our picnic table to wait for the weather to clear. After an hour of pacing, the sun came out and the first skydivers took off! Daragh and I were one of the last groups to go and lucky for us we went with a group of very experienced skydivers. Their calm confidence definitely helped to soothe my nerves!

Once we reached 12,000 feet the first skydivers jumped – a group of four and then three solo flyers. Daragh and I were next! Strapped to the intrepid Pete, I barely had time to get nervous before we were in freefall. Forty-five seconds later Pete (my tandem buddy) and I were sailing over southern England. Daragh and Dave weren’t far behind. As this was Daragh’s second jump (and frankly he’s a bit braver than me), he and Dave did a few fancy manoeuvres before we all landed (somewhat) gracefully in a sheep field.

It was a truly amazing experienced made even better by the fact that our friends, family, colleagues and company sponsored us so generously. To date we have raised £1146.00 for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Many thanks to all of our lovely sponsors and especially Rapidata Services for matching our fundraising totals!

To see photos from the day, please visit https://www.facebook.com/rapidataservices and if you would like to sponsor our team, please email abono@rapidata.co.uk for more information!

Posted by Scott Gray on 27/06/2011 within Fundraising
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