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Today’s The BIG Day

Tonight, the Rapidata team will be joined by hundreds of Londoners walking all night in the RAIN to support The Big Issue Foundation.

Rapidata’s band of brave walkers includes Scott Gray, Emma Peacock, Louise Murphy, Hilary Thompson, John Rogers, Alex Bono and the intrepid Daragh Everett. Daragh won’t be walking with us tonight, but he’s promised to walk to and from work all next week and rack up the miles. Team Rapidata is trying to raise £1,500.00 for the foundation.

We decided to participate in the Big London Night Walk for lots of different reasons, but our biggest reason walked through our front door a few weeks ago. Vendor Bllie Bickley came to our office to share her story about living rough and how The Big Issue Foundation helped her change her life. Knowing Billie’s story is hugely inspiring and makes it so much more real for all of us.

When I asked what our sponsorship could achieve, Jonathan told me exactly how we would be helping just by raising £1000!

“It costs us around £500 a year to work with each of our vendors to make a real difference in their lives, so for every team that hits its target that gives us enough funding to help change, and possibly save 2 lives.”
– Jonathan Hunt, Fundraising Events Manager

In the grand scheme of things, it seems amazing that a such a small amount can make such a difference.

Please click here to visit our fundraising page and make a donation!

Posted by Scott Gray on 01/10/2010 within Fundraising

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