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BSI ISO Quality and Security Passed | News Article | Rapidata Services

ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security

Achieving our ISO 9001 & now our ISO 27001 certifications is such great news!  It means our clients now have complete assurance that Rapidata operates to the highest quality standards and under the safest information security measures, while we continually strive to maintain and improve these standards that set us apart.

I am incredibly proud of Rapidata’s teams who have worked so hard over the last 12 months to make our investment into these key ISO standards a reality.  It hasn’t been easy, requiring strategic operational reviews, some significant changes and the addition of new processes and procedures to embed these new standards into the very heart of our organisation.

ISO 9001 is the standard for ‘quality management’ across our entire business and ISO 27001 is a more specific standard for ‘information security management’. Both will help Rapidata enhance and maintain the highest levels of service quality that today’s business environment demands; and through the ongoing ISO auditing programme we will be able to ensure our clients are always in certified safe hands.

In today’s fast-paced digital and complex multichannel world it’s increasingly difficult to ensure quality and security.  We’re all familiar with the media stories and headlines of recent years highlighting organisations failings in lost data and misplaced information, even at Government level.  Quality and security cannot be taken for granted these days and security has to be a key concern for any organisation that needs to rely upon a business partner with frequent information exchanges.

Rapidata has always been committed to providing the best quality service possible and we take information security very seriously.  Our new ISO Standards will provide us with the badges of honour we deserve and the assurances our clients expect.

This is a milestone achievement and one that reflects Rapidata’s growth and development as a leading service organisation.

Scott Gray
Managing Director

Posted by Scott Gray on 04/02/2014 within News
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