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Kite Marks for Rapidata, Quality Assurance For Our Clients

We are excited and very proud to announce that Rapidata has passed British Standards Stage 1 ISO Accreditation for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.  ISO 9001 is a standard for ‘quality management’ across our entire business and ISO 27001 is a more specific standard for ‘information security management’; both will help Rapidata enhance and maintain the highest levels of quality while providing our clients with additional quality assurances.

This is an important achievement and one that reflects Rapidata’s growth and development as a leading supplier.  Getting this far has meant a great deal of hard work and effort from within to develop a more sophisticated and consistent working culture founded on QUALITY.  We’ve reviewed, adjusted and added to our internal processes and procedures, and this positive change is endorsed across our staff who share a duty to review, improve and maintain the very highest quality in all that we do.

ISO accreditation means we will:

  • meet our clients’ needs with better quality management
  • provide improved and consistent customer service
  • become a more consistent competitor in our marketplace
  • save time, money and resources through more efficient ways of working
  • improve operational performance, reducing errors and improving results
  • motivate and engage our staff with more efficient internal processes

Rapidata has been and is committed to ensuring the highest level of service delivery and data security for all our clients and obtaining ISO accreditations reinforces our commitment in both these areas.

Our final stage audit takes place shortly, which will bring to completion our dedicated work in compliance and processes, documentation and data security…although this is just the start.  Once we have secured our standards kite marks we know our hard work has only just begun and our ongoing mission will see us strive to maintain our standards.


Posted by Scott Gray on 07/10/2013 within News
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