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Rapidata unaffected by FIL Administration

Rapidata Services Plc is part of the Fundraising Initiatives Group (FIHL) but stands financially independent of the Group and the face-to-face fundraising subsidiary companies, Fundraising Initiatives Limited (FIL) and its sister company P2P Limited. The decision to put the face-to-face fundraising businesses into administration has no bearing on Rapidata’s corporate or financial status.

We continue to operate a full service of Direct Debit donation payment processing and associated regular giving services for all our charity clients. This includes the provision of Direct Debit processing services for FIL, door-to-door / private site charity campaigns, which represents only 2% of Rapidata’s business.

“We will continue to process donations for the charities we serve through FIL agreements and we will do everything possible to ensure they will feel no impact on their fundraising.” Scott Gray, managing director of Rapidata Services Plc.


Any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact Scott Gray or any of the Rapidata Team on 01293 601111.

Posted by Scott Gray on 02/11/2015 within News
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