Benefit from faster payments, improved customer experience and maximised regular income.

Sports and football clubs

As Bacs celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, Direct Debit still continues to grow and offers huge benefits to football and sports clubs.

Direct Debits make it easy for your supporters to pay their subscriptions each month, giving you a regular, reliable income stream.

If you’re using Standing Orders or credit cards, you can risk losing payers – and income – once their card details change or expire. You’ll also have the additional admin burden of contacting each individual to update their details and ensure you continue to receive regular payments.

Setting up your own a Direct Debit facility means:

  • You own all your payer data
  • All monies are deposited directly to your bank account, rather than via a third party.
  • Your brand name appears on your payer’s bank statements, so your payers will enjoy greater transparency of their payments and a better customer experience.

To find out how to set up your own Direct Debit facility, give us a call.

Managing sports and football club Direct Debits

Using a Bacs approved bureau to manage your Direct Debits means there’s no outlay for you on software, hardware or training costs. You’ll also save time and free up resources, as all the administration and processing tasks are taken care of.

With Rapidata, you’ll receive our full Direct Debit payments processing expertise to ensure you receive your payments as quickly as possible, whilst reducing your risk.

Our approach is to work as an extended part of your team, to find out how you operate, what can be improved in your payments and deliver a seamless, straight-forward Direct Debit process that just works.

Sports and football club lotteries

Setting up a regular lottery play via online Direct Debit is very simple, and gives your supporters a fast and easy sign-up, verification and acknowledgement.

Our eDirectDebit service enables you to set up a branded page that gives supporters a step-by-step process to quickly sign up, all in the same brand design and style of your website.

Football club season tickets

Paying for season tickets in one go can be expensive for many, and may incur interest costs and added debt if paid on a credit card. Offering the option to pay by Direct Debit, gives your supporters a easy and affordable way to spread the costs of their season ticket, whilst also giving you easy reconciliation and administration.

Rapidata has 21 years’ experience in Direct Debit processing and as a Bacs approved bureau, are trusted by hundreds of organisations around the UK.

If you process in-house; use an existing bureau; have a facility managed arrangement or are new to Direct Debits, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call to find out more.

Sports and football club Direct Debits

We at Compass love working with Rapidata – they are really responsive and really take time to talk through all the confusing stuff. They simplify things and are always on the other end of the phone – can’t recommend them enough.

Rosie Rogers, national coordinator, Compass

Direct Debit Managed Service

We’ll take care of all the administrative work involved in Direct Debit processing, including database management, sending payment instructions and collecting the Direct Debits on your behalf.

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Rapidata’s online Direct Debit service, eDirectDebit enables you to offer Paperless Direct Debit via your website. Cost effective, fully branded and with all the features and benefits you expect from a leading online Direct Debit service.

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Mobile Fundraising

The Mobile Fundraising App is an easy way for charities to break into the mobile channel with a fully customisable app for event-based fundraising campaigns.

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Online Fundraising

Rapidata’s Online Fundraising service makes it easy to engage in active relationships with your supporters, and turn them into your greatest advocates.

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Postal Fulfilment Services

Rapidata provides an outsourced Fulfilment Service enabling you to communicate effectively with your payers without having the necessary skills, resources or equipment in-house.

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BACS Contingency Support

You can’t predict when disaster may strike or what form it will take, but by planning ahead you can ensure your business income is secured by organising an effective back-up for your in-house payment processing.

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Trigger Communication Service

A simple Thank you, at the right time, goes a long way. We understand the positive impact of engaging with your supporters at important points along their journey with you.

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