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Powerful online fundraising tools for donations, events and appeals

Simple, branded donation pages

✔ Customise each one to your brand and message.
✔ Transaction fees are covered by the donor, so your charity receives more of the donation
✔ More flexibility for regular giving as donors can choose their own processing date.
✔ Variety of payment options, including PayPal and multiple currencies.
✔ Automatically adjusts giving levels to raise overall donation amounts.
✔ CAPTCHA and payment gateway security protect your donors and your data
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"Having used Rapidata's online fundraising services for a number of years, we are delighted to recommend them. Always available to help and support and make our fundraising as easy as possible."

Border Collie Trust

Giving in memory or celebration

✔ In tribute pages are all mobile optimised
✔ Build as many pages as you like
✔ Tailor pages to your brand by adding your colours and logo for a seamless experience
✔ Choose from a number of payment options, including PayPal and multiple currencies.
✔ Set up custom fields to collect specific data for a personalised experience.
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"I’ve found the support excellent and my previous experience of this was a significant factor in choosing to work with Rapidata."


Powerful event registration platform

✔ Optional dates and times for different waives and start times
✔ Set different registration fees, depending on your event terms.
✔ Promo codes for supporters to register for free or at a discount.
✔ Supporters can register friends, make a donation or buy merchandise at registration.
✔ Each supporter gets their own fundraising page that can be customised to their experience.

Engage supporters with tailored communications

✔ Create new, unique email designs for your emails to registrants and donors.
✔ Choose from standard templates with suggested email content.
✔ Segment your audience by amount raised, location, fundraising targets and more, and help participants reach their target .
✔ Content, subject lines and images can be customised to each audience segment.
✔ Set up automated, triggered emails or specify a certain date to send to a particular group.

Customised reports to track success

✔ Create tailored real-time reports and dashboards.
✔ Keep track of what’s working by setting up fundraiser dashboards to track emails.
✔ Simple reports for team registrations to manage fundraising targets.
✔ Automatically remind participants of actions they have or haven’t taken in your campaign.

"The ability for participants to gain sponsors directly within Facebook has been enormously helpful, as have been the staff at Rapidata. I shall look to use them for all my events from now on and will recommend to all the charities we support."

Sell merchandise and raise more

✔ Offer a donation top-up before final purchase to bump up your fundraising income.
✔ Sell virtual items or other symbolic gifts, and have an eCard sent to a loved one
✔ Supporters can order a number of items and select a specific size, colour, or other variation
✔ “Pay-the-fee” option allows donors to cover transaction fee costs
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Frequently asked questions

  • Are donations safe?

    Yes, our online fundraising services are delivered on the Artez platform, which is PCI Level 1 compliant and doesn’t hold any confidential bank details. These are all passed to the merchant safely which then transfers the funds to your organisation's bank account.

  • What data can we access about supporters?

    You own and can access all the data entered into the forms except the confidential bank/card details. There are a wide range of reports to choose from which include Gift Aid, Reconciliation, Team and Fundraising. There are also customisable donation and Fundraising reports.

  • What payment merchants do you support?

    We support iATS payments, WorldPay and PayPal. Supporters only see your pages, while the transaction is verified behind the scenes. All pages are fully branded with your logos, look and feel. Once a successful donation is complete, the donor will receive an email which can be fully customised to your organisation.

  • How do we thank supporters after they’ve donated?

    A thank you email is automatically sent as soon as a transaction is successfully. These emails can be fully customisable. You can also set up custom emails that are triggered depending on what a user has answered on the form.

  • Can your services be used to fundraise via social media?

    Yes. Each supporter automatically receives their own fundraising page which they can personalise with pictures, videos and messages. These can be shared across all social media platforms and accessed directly within Facebook, this includes making a donation directly within Facebook.

  • How do we get the money from donations?

    Your merchant (WorldPay, PayPal, iATS) will transfer funds to the bank account you linked when setting up with them.

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